Hi all,
Could you please help me out on this one.
I want to create a web site using two tables.
1. page_creation - Stores page_id and page_name to be shown on all
navigation bars.
2. pages - Contains pg_id, page_id, etc etc.
I want to do an insert into page_creation to create a new page and then pass
the page_id to pages, so I know the info stored in "pages" relates to a
certain page (one to many relationship).  In the code below I want this to
be an "Add a New web Page" where the user types in a Page Name shown in the
nav bar and it enters data as above.
I have been trying for three days now with different methods and it is
driving me mad.
Thank you in advance for your assistance

if ($page_name) {
or die("Unable to connect to SQL server");
mysql_select_db("$dbasename") or die("Unable to select database");
$sql1 = "INSERT INTO page_creation pagename";
$sql1 = "values('$page_name')";
$result = mysql_query($sql1);
$sql2 = "INSERT INTO pages page_id values('$result');
$result2 = mysql_query($sql2);
else {
<FORM ACTION="test_2_tables.php" METHOD="POST">
<INPUT TYPE=TEXT name="page_name" VALUE="<?echo $page_name ?>" SIZE=20>
<? }


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