I'm working with MS-SQL 7 and IIS 4 as well as PHP4.0.4 ---

My question is that when a message is received while attempting to delete a
row in [table x] while it is tied to [table y.column a] by a foreign key
relationship [see below]

Warning: MS SQL message: DELETE statement conflicted with COLUMN REFERENCE
  constraint 'FK_COMPONENT_INDEX_page'. The conflict occurred in database
   'corplan', table 'COMPONENT_INDEX', column 'pid'. (severity 16) in D:
              \Inetpub\wwwroot\admin\intranet.php on line 122

 Warning: MS SQL: Query failed in D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\admin\intranet.php on
                                 line 122

How can I put in my own custom message when these errors occur?  Should I
be looking for a failed query message and then acting on that?  I like the
protection that the foreign key relationship enables, because you can't
delete "parent" objects without removing the children first.

I'm sure this really isn't a difficult question, I'm looking for for
suggestions on how I should approach this.


Ryan Sinn
US Bank

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