I have mysql, apache and php on my redhat 7 box and when I try to retrieve some
data from the database and display it on a webage, it doesn't display anything.
I seem to be able to connect to it fine but not pull any data. Here is the main
part of the code I am using:

    <title> #### This is a PHP test #### </title>
<body bgcolor="blue">


include "common_db.inc";

$link_id = db_connect("phptest");
if (!$link_id) {
        die (sql_error());

else echo "Successfully made a connection to $dbhost using $default_dbname . <br>";

if (!$result=mysql_query("select * from user",$link_id)) {
echo "No! I selected nada from the user table";
else echo "Yes I can connect! Amen!";


Basically what happens is I get the message saying that I successfully
connected to the database and then underneath I get the "No! I selected
nada..." message. Could someone point me in the right direction? 



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