I've got an Access dbase and one of the field is memo.
Before showing on web side, I want to convert the memo field from
Windows-1250 codding to ISO-8859-2.

With text fields I do it with below script, but with memo it doesn't

const WIN = "ąęćłóśżźĄĘĆŁÓŚŻŹ"
const ISO  =  ""ąęćłóśżĽˇĆĘŁÓŚŻŹ"

Function WIN2ISO( str )
   Dim A, B, znak
   If IsNull(str) Then Exit Function
   WIN2ISO = str
   For A=1 To Len(WIN)
     WIN2ISO = Replace(WIN2ISO, Mid(WIN,A,1), Mid(ISO,A,1))
End Function

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