This link is passed to the shopping cart type script where I want to put the spp and 
the sid into the database.


<script language='php'>

// ------------ Connect to Database ---------------------------------------
$db = mysql_pconnect("tech2000", "wwwguest", "guest");
if(!$db){echo("Unable to connect to database server. Call 815-987-2775");exit();}
if(! @mysql_select_db("bruininv")){echo("Unable to select database. Call 

//--------------------------- Add part ----------------------------------
$sql="INSERT INTO ecomm (ID,part) VALUES ('$sid','$spp')";
if(! mysql_query('$sql')){echo("Unable to add part.");mysql_close($db);exit();}

//---------------------------Close DB-------------------------------

returns "Unable to add part".

I can manually add parts using DBTools and: 

INSERT INTO ecomm (ID,part) VALUES ('583607ba7b565b6d699da58d7c7fe9ab','MC68020RC12T')

and the search for the parts now works...
Just have to be able to add the parts and remove them from the db

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