I'm using php/oracle for a short time now. I'm forced to work on
server where the following configuration is used:


magic_quotes_gpc        = on
magic_quotes_runtime    = off
magic_quotes_sybase     = off

After my first INSERT into oracle with arbitrary returned from a
post form I got bitten by special characters like ', " and \.
They were all escaped with \, too. But this broke my INSERTS
because ' needs to be escapde with ' so it looks like '' when the
acutal insert happens.

As far as my testing goes, no other character needs escaping, no
'\' needs; just the '.

Retrieving data withing SELECT results in getting back the data
WITH backslashes in them.

After settigns magic_quotes_sybase = on, I couldn't believe it.
Everything worked; from now one only ' was escaped to '', no
other character.

With the first configuration, every data coming from post forms
needed to be processed with the following sequence:

        $input = stripslashes( $input);
        $input = str_replace( "'", "''", $input);

After activating magic_quotes_sybase, the above is not needs
anymore as the are allready escaped the right way.

Has someone had such troubles too, or are there better ways of
doing that ?

Does someone know if the following configuration

magic_quotes_gpc        = on
magic_quotes_runtime    = off
magic_quotes_sybase     = on

has some known issues about php stability or other problems
arising with it ? (I was told so without getting more in depth
information why or what)

thanks for sharing ideas,


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