Does the Connection ID change if I use persistent connection through PHP
using mysql_pconnect()?

Is it possible to retrieve CONNECTION_ID() this though PHP?

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web@machine:admin> select connection_id();
|             395 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)


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> I have decided to implement the "soft-lock" schema below.  I
> cannot use the
> userID as the value for the lock.  Is there any other unique
> number that can
> be generated that I could use.  I am thinking about using a
> session_ID in
> PHP?  Any suggestions/Comments??
> Randy
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> Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 4:10 PM
> My recommendation (and there are probably many people who
> will disagree with
> me) is to use a "soft-lock" schema.
> In your account table, add a field named lockedBy. I usually
> add a field
> named lockedAt also as a timestamp.
> the basic flow is this:
> 1: Check to see if the record has something in lockedBy
> -NO-
> 2: Update the record with your userID
> 3: Check to see if there record has something in lockedBy and
> it is you.
> -YES-
> 4: you have successfully soft-locked the record for update.
> Go ahead and
> make your update
> 5: update the record to remove the lock.
> WARNING: This system assumes that you have control over all
> processes that
> access the database.  If there is a chance that someone will
> come in and be
> able to modify the data outside of your code then they can bypass your
> checks and modify the data.
> In many DBMSs (not sure yet about MySQL) record locks keep
> people for even
> seeing the data and some (M$ SQL) used to lock whole tables
> to do a single
> update. (sux big time)
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> From: Randy Johnson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 2:48 PM
> I am creating a mock site that has a money balance  that
> people can login
> and pretend to pay money for stuff online via my site.
> I am using php with mysql to implement this.
> How do I make sure that a balance for a particular account is
> (locked) so
> only 1 spend for that account can happen at one time?
> for example my php script grabs the balance from the payer account and
> receiver account. How do I make sure that the balance is locked so the
> balance is read before the updated transaction occurs causing
> the person to
> spend money that he/she doesn't have.
> I hope I have provided enough explanation for you guys to
> point me in the
> right direction.

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