Hi Folks: I use php3 as an interface to a postgres database under an
apache server.  I have been using this configuration for about a year
and a half.  A few weeks ago I had to update my distribution because
of another package I needed to install, and now I get an error in my
php3 scripts.  The error is something like:

fatal error: use of unsupported or undefined function call
pg_connect() in line 4 of...

That isn't the syntax exactly but it's close.  I have looked through
the php3 manual and the FAQ and well, everything else I can think of.
I don't seem to be able to get a good understanding from the
documentation exactly the relationship between apache modules, php3
and the postgresql backend.

Why would functions I've been using become unavailable?  It maybe as
simple as an apache configuration that got changed during upgrading,
I'm not sure.  If anyone can give me an idea about what's going on, I
would sure appreciate it.  For the record I am using debian potato as
the distribution, apache 1.3.9, postgresql and php 3.0.18.



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