add DISTINCT to your query ....
select distinct specific_p, qty from database where specific_p = 68030 and 
qty > 0

For you second requirement, get them all, and just use the first one ... 
can't remember exact syntax but something like

select specific_p from database where specific_p like %68030% limit 1
or maybe it's TOP 1. Can't remember. Check your Sql Server docs.


At 08:28 AM 1/31/01 -0600, Robert wrote:
>I have a database with several fields...
>I only want certain fields to show in my results
>Some of the searched fields have the same value
>example: searched field is specific_p
>specific_p       comment   qty
>68030              9845         0
>68030              9844         100
>68030              9843         12
>68030rc50        9843         50
>I want to show the 68030, but not the comment. I also don't want to show 
>three seperate 68030s and pick one that is not 0 qty if there is one.
>Is there an MSSQL command to only get one of them?
>There may be other parts that are close too I want to search for %68030% 
>to get all of them but show only one of them.
>I could probably write a filter, but WHY if it is built into SQL?

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