Yes, same question. The only thing i know about, is that, if you are running
php not ass an module, your connection will die right ever script executing
therefore making OCIPLogon = OCILogon.

If run as module the connection will last till your server thread is
regenerated. Therefore it can have a very dark side effect if the
connections are not reliable reused: imagine 250 Apache Spawns with each
hundreds of OCI-COnnections still open ...
be carefull!

And this is exactly my problem. I can not try tghis since the machine is
running heavy traffic unless i know at leasst the theory

Another Idea of reduicing Logon overhead is to run the server in MTS - Mode
which does not cause the Oracle Server to start an dedicated ServerProcess
for every Logon/Session.

Well, suggestions please ;-)


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I am using Oracle8i and want to make a little php script that will be run a
huge amount of times (i hope <g>).  PHP has the OCIPLogon for persistent
connections and am wondering the details of how it works.

I want the php script to run a simple insert then select statement and would
like to avoid a huge logon penalty that comes with creating a new session
to oracle since the life of the program is very short and the frequency
very very high (again I hope).

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