I am running Oracle 8.0.5 Net8 drivers on a Win95 system using Apache
and PHP4.04pl1. I'm getting consistent TNS No service errors from PHP
using all three methods of accessing Oracle (oracle,oci,odbc).  ODBC works
fine in other apps, and the SQLPlus and tnsping work fine (even when
called from a passthru(), so its not environment related).  I've noticed a
large number of bug reports on this.. but no answers (other than modifing 
the ORACLE_SID, and ORACLE_HOME environment vars, and that only works
if the DB is local).  

I'm trying to nail down how widespread this problem is...

How many of you have Oracle working with PHP4?  What version of the Oracle
drivers?  Are you accessing a local db or a remote one?  Did you have to
tweak any settings to make it work?  Windows or Unix?


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