i have a mySQL database with 3 tables that work together.
Leasers | Apartments | ApartmentFeatures

Leasers - contains contact info for the property owners, and LeaserID as
primary key [auto-incrementing]

Apartments - contains apartment address, the corresponding LeaserID, and
aptID [the apartment ID to match to the features], Leasers will be listing
multiple apartments.

ApartmentFeatures - contains apartment details, price, bedrooms, amenity
info and image paths. also contains aptID.

I have a couple questions concerning inserting data from the three tables.
-What would be the best way to insert data, thru a series of forms [i.e.
NEXT button submits data to be inserted and brings up the next form for the
next table NEXT button again indserts and brings a final form that calls
final insertion script, or just on big ol form?
-i would like the LeaserID to be an auto incrementing number. How should I
assign this to the apartments table. For example, X Realtor enters his
contact info and is assigned to be LeaserID 1234, what is the best method of
assigning LeaserID 1234 to the apartments that he enters into the database,
should I say "1234 is your LeaserID" and expect them to use this number to
insert apartments?

I am really confused right now, I know that there are some problems in my
thinking so letme know if you spot these areas.
Thanks much,

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