I am writing a PHP script that accesses a MYSQL database when the
adminstrator (the client) wants to add something to a calendar
(dynamically PHP generated).  I have written the callendar and have the
whole thing setup to be able to update it regularly, through a easy user
interface on the adminstration page.  The problem that I am forseeing
though is that, the person I am doing this for is going to keep adding
information to the calendar thereby adding more rows to the database,
and never deleting any of it.  Since this is a calendar, I thought I
might right some sort of "Garbage Collector" deletes old information on
the first of the month.  The way I would have to do this though, is it
to go through all the fields, parse the Date field, and check to see if
the date is less than the current.  My question is, is there a faster
way to do this.  Mabye some MYSQL built in function that I am missing or
something.  Any help would be appreciated.


 Clayton Bluhm
 Computer Engineering Student



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