This is an invitation to you to visit a new Web site, THE SCHENK
REPORT (, where the subjects are politics
and culture from a generally liberal point of view.


**Insightful commentary, generally from the left but sometimes veering
off in other directions. Regular contributors include: 

Walt Brasch, an award-winning reporter and editor who is now a
professor of journalism in Pennsylvania. Among his virtues is that his
writing is often very funny.
Arthur Joel Katz, a retired TV and film executive whose favorite
causes include defending the First Amendment and pointing out the
insanity of the War on Drugs. 

Charles Schenk, editor and founder of THE SCHENK REPORT. I have 25
years experience in journalism. My special interests include the
Balkans, where I lived and taught English for two years. I reported
from the Balkans during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. (My
"Macedonian Diary" pieces are available at THE SCHENK REPORT. From the
Front Page, click on The Columnists, then look for "Macedonian

**There's a big page of Bushisms and a free Bushisms screensaver
guaranteed to irk the Republican in the next cubicle. 

**Another feature is Abortion Watch, a running chronology of the Bush
II administration's assault on a woman's right to choose. 

**THE SCHENK REPORT has lots of links to other writers, most of them
on the left, and to dozens of organizations that help to mobilize and
inform liberals.

**There's a column for letters to the editor, so readers can talk back
to us. 

In other words, if you're not really busy right now, it's worth a
click. The address is 


Sincerely, Charles Schenk

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