I tried to do this using mssql7 php extension, and it didnt work.
However Unified ODBC functions worked well.. whats the problem?
Extension, Server, or may be i'm doing wrong queries?

for inserting image: $result = mssql_query("insert into image_table
values ($id, '$image_data')");
    - not works at all, claiming i have an unclosed quotation
    doubling single quotes didnt help as well
for selecting image: $result = mssql_query("select image from
image_table where id = $id"); - select works well but then...
$data = mssql_fetch_row($result); i get an access violation in php.exe
here :(

p.s. yes, yes.. i know that storing images in database is slow, and
stuff, but that was just an example
p.p.s. php4.0.4pl1, OS - NT server 4.0 sp6, php runs as cgi (anybody
made it work as apache module?)

Best regards,
 Giaour                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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