Hi Doug,

This works for me..

$uid = "MYUSERID";
$inst = "MYINSTANCE";
$conn = ocilogon($uid,$pwd,"$inst");
  echo "unable to connect to database";
$query= "alter session set NLS_DATE_FORMAT = 'DD-MON-YYYY'";
$curs = ociparse($conn,$query)  or die( "Unable to parse query" );
ociexecute($curs)  or die( "Unable to execute query" );


At 11:49 PM -0600 4/2/01, Doug Schasteen wrote:
>Am I blind? Or is there no support with the regular oracle functions 
>to connect to a database that is hosted on another machine?
>The manual has this:
>$conn = Ora_Logon(username, password);
>but I don't see anywhere to put the host string.
>- Doug Schasteen

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