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What you are about to read is tried, true, proven and effective.  Above all, this 
is utterly and ridicously excellent!!

Have you ever tried or considered making money using the internet?  Are you 
marketing or promoting a business online?  There is a lot of money to be made on the 
internet and in reality, anyone can do it!  Why not get your share?  Read on and 
weep with joy, if you would like to know exactly how to begin making money online 
right away!

FREEDOM - Working on the internet allows you the freedom to work at home, or 
wherever you keep a computer with an internet connection.

FLEXIBILITY - Work when you want, choose your own hours!  No time clocks 
here!  Spend more time with your family, and supplement your current income.  
Maybe even give up your day job. 

There's definately more money to be made on the internet.  In fact there are huge 
amounts, but lets not get carried away.  The secret is to have the right system, as 
must have the right method for marketing and promoting your business.  Of course 
you will firstly need a money generating business, if you don't already have one.  If 
you need an online business, you will be referred to a reputable one if you read on.

Prepare to be amazed!
The following info and programmes would cost you in excess of $1000.00, if you 
bought them singularly over your internet travels.  Not to mention the time, and 
painstakingly gruelling effort you are saved.  It took me years to perfect, collect, 
put together this system.  Nowhere else will you find such a complete package.  
Experienced marketers keep these secrets closely guarded from possible 

METHOD - You must promote your business to as many people as you can.  The 
more exposure, the more money you will generate.  Classified sites, FFA sites and 
search engine submissions are all great to mess around with, but are not worth the 
time that you put in.  Replies, hits and sales from these advertising methods are 
to say the least.  Opt in lists are much the same.  So many people use these methods, 
that the chance of your sales ad being noticed are slim.  The moment I discovered 
bulk emailing my profits soared literally overnight.  Bulk mailing reaches you your 
target customers and reaches them quickly and efficiently.
Bulk mailing is the simplest way to get your advertisement seen by your target 
audience. You could think of it as dropping thousands of flyers advertising your 
business from an aeroplane over a city, some will be read and some will not. The law 
of averages applies to bulk mailing, sales can be increased by a catchy sales ad or 
decreased by a boring, uninspiring ad. Bulk mailing is wrongly frowned apon by a 
section of the internet community. Bulk emailing is an amazing new way of advertising 
and if gone about correctly you can avoid the hassles and achieve your aim - to 
generate sales. There are the cowboy bulk emailers who send out huge amounts of 
mail everyday, they do not give recipients the option to be removed from thier lists 
and basically don't give a damn. These 'cowboys' are the cause of the bad press on 
bulk mailing, they may make a lot of money in the short time they are mailing, but 
never last long.   Internet service providers will not stand for that kind of 
The methods I am about to outline to you here will have you profiting continuosly for 
years to come, not just for a couple of days. You will not be sending out mail 
but in a sensible and controlled manner.  If you are going to send out bulk email, 
why not do it the right way to start with and save yourself and others a lot of 
headaches.  There are thousands upon thousands of people out there who are ready 
and willing to respond to your ads and purchase your products.  Get out there and be 
seen, stand out from the crowd and reap the rewards. It is not as hard as you may 
think!  You must have a system to be successful and to work out the correct system 
for you could take years of trial and error. There are not many successful marketers 
out there who are willing to give away their secrets such as I have here!  
To save you gruelling and lengthy task of learning to make money online, I have 
outlined and supplied you with the complete, ready to go system.  I fully guarantee 
the system and the associated programmes.  They will work for you!

First you will need the right business opportunity or product to sell.  You can search 
around for one yourself, but beware of scams.  I will refer you to a great business 
opp later in this message.  You will need to write a killer ad that grabs peoples 
attention, try different ads and gauge the responses.

To send bulk  mail you need a reliable bulk mailing programme, I will refer you to a 
great one later in this message.  Once again, there are many different programmes 
around and some are better than others.  They can range in cost from free to 
$3000.00.  The free programmes that are around tend to be slow and unreliable, they 
also blatantly expose your dialup ISP causing more trouble than they are worth.  The 
best solution is a low cost mailer which masks your dialup ISP and sends about 5000 
emails per hour.  I will refer you to the best bulk mail programme for your purposes 
later in this message.   

You need loads and loads of fresh (preferably targeted) email addresses to send your 
ads to.  No doubt you will find offers all over the place selling email lists.  Do Not 
buy these lists whatever you do.  A great one I have seen is 1 000 000 email 
addresses for $30.00.  Most of these addresses are old and full of undeliverables.  I 
will tell you how to get your addresses later in this message.

POP 3 ADDRESS EXTRACTOR - The process of collecting addresses from 
removal requests is a very lengthy and tedious job, nevertheless it must be done 
religiously after every mailing.  Personally, I've laboured through this task every 
to compile my remove lists.  After stumbling across a POP 3 extractor, things 
instantly became so much easier.  This simple programme runs from your desktop.  It 
logs into your POP 3 accessable email account and collects all email addressess from 
all of the messages from your inbox and then saves them into a file.  There is no 
simpler way to collect your remove addresses!  It even deletes the messages as it 
goes, leaving your inbox nice and clean ready for your next mailing.  This programme 
saves you countless hours and lets you spend more time on other tasks.  POP 3 
Extractor normally sells for over $50.00, but not anymore!

You will need a list management programme.  These programmes are designed 
specifically for bulk mail lists.  They allow you to manage, organise, clean removes, 
and save your lists.  Your removes can be easily stored and new lists can be purged 
of these unwanted addresses.  They are worth there weight in gold!  read on!

You will need a web space.  You should never link directly to your business URL 
from your email ad.  Some people like to complain to the webhost of the business 
that you are bulk mailing, and try to have you booted off.  To prevent this happening, 
get yourself some free webspace.  Design a simple page linking to your product or 
business URL.  It's very easy to set up a webpage, as most hosts offer design 
wizards to guide you through.  If you get kicked off your free website, simply sign up 
for another.  Link to your free webspace from your intial email ad.  To find a free 
website, go to, or find your own through an engine search.  If 
you prefer you can ask the reader to reply to your ad with a request for "more info" 
instead of sending them to another website.  You can then direct them to your 
business site directly, as you have proof of their request.  

You need a "throw away" dial up ISP (Internet service provider). There are people 
out there, who will check your emails properties to find out who your ISP is.  They 
will then complain to your ISP which could result in the closure of your account.  You 
should try to keep your mailings to a maximum of 
10 000 per day.  You can send more if you wish, but your internet service provider 
may not like it too  much and at the worst may close your account.  This occasionally 
happens, so it makes sense to have a disposable account to use for your bulk mailing.  
Then if it becomes shut down, you still have your main everyday account.  Simply 
sign up for another throw away account, and continue  on your merry way.  

Using the above methods, you will see results right away.  Your degree of success 
depends on the grab of your ad and your product.  It took me a couple of years to 
learn and perfect these methods, it will take you a lot less after reading this 
information.  Even if you are a beginner, you will see results right away.  There is 
need to rush into it, take your time and set everything up properly.  Things will run 
much more smoothly if you plan ahead.  If  you fail to plan, you plan to fail!  

I have put together for you a package which includes all of the programmes you will 
need to start and run your marketing campaign.  The programme package is called 
Jumpstart Kit 2001.  The value of the kit is in excess of  $1000.00, but all I'm 
asking is a mere $59.00.  I am only offering the kit for a short time at this price, 
price will go up to $180.00 again next month.  Now is a great opportunity for you to 
purchase these excellent programmes at such a unheard of price.  


Business opportunity

Bulk mailing programme 
Incredible new programme for mailing out your ads.  Usually costs well over $200.  
This mailer actually hides your ISP's details from grumpy people who might want to 
complain.  Sends mail incredibly fast compared to other mailers, it utilises your 
modem's full potential.  If you can think of your modem as an eight lane highway for a 
moment.  Conventional mailing programmes will only send mail down one of these 
lanes.  This mailer actually uses all eight lanes, sending your mail a lot faster and 
more efficiently.

Email Addresses
I will supply you with 50 000 fresh, targeted and unused email addresses to get you 
off on the right foot.

Email address collecting programme
Fresh email addresses will not be far away with this programme in your arsenal.  
Simply type in a keyword and sit back and watch your addresses roll in.  You will 
have an endless supply of addresses whenever you require them. 

Pop 3 extractor programme
This programme will log onto your email account and collect addresses to place into 
your remove database.  Very easy to use and also very essential.

List manager
List manager is required to keep your email lists in order.  This programme can 
breakup large lists into any size.  Your remove database is kept here and all new 
email lists can be purged before they are sent to.

All of the above programmes come with detailed instructions and full technical 
support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I would be surprised if you found even one 
of these programmes alone selling for $59.00.
To order now and take advantage of this unbeatable offer, simply follow this link to 
make your secure online payment.  The programmes will be emailed to you within 12 
hours of your order.

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