*PHP is supported but there is no mySQL access on this host [not sure what
the point is... maybe I should just tell them to switch hosts...] I am
looking to see if i can connect to a freeservers sql DB [www.f2s.com]
*It will be for agents who are logging in, depending on their assigned
username they should be directed to THEIR pricing schedule, currently there
are three different price schemes
*I would like it to be expandable from the current [a new company, they are
looking to grow fairly large... naturally]

*I only know how to do DB based authentication, so the agent may have to
login TWICE [one for PHP redirect, another for apache protected dir.
*Cookies might be the best way to go, (agent logs in to a gateway page that
reads the cookie value and directs to according page) I don't like this cuz
where does the cookie initially get set [give them each a disk with THEIR
cookie on it?]
*agent ID's could be assigned like this
Then the script could direct to up to [10 price schedules, by using AGENT0,
AGENT1, AGENT2, get it?] or [100 price schedules, if you extended to the
second number AGENT01, AGENT02, AGENT10, AGENT11] etc. each could
theoretically have unlimited agents. Just keep adding numbers after the
"base" ID

So, anyone have any ideas to go about this, I don't think that I can use a
DB, unless maybe it was a flat text file... [never worked with those

Thanks Much

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