drop the ; from the while. it is not parsing anything within the scope of
the while loop because there is a ; saying the while loop ends w/o doing

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I have got to be doien something stupid.

consider the following code.
hosts, usernames and passwords have been changed to protect the innocent.

      $mysql_link =
mysql_connect("myhost.domain.com","some.user","some.password "
      $myquery = "select car_no,drv_name from cars order by car_no + 0";
      $myresult = mysql_db_query("topten", $myquery, $mysql_link);
      while($rows = mysql_fetch_array($myresult));

I get no output and no errors.  I use code almost identical to this all over
the place, yet this one doesn;t work.
I've tried just a bare qery and I still get nothing.  the connection is
working as we can see from the log entry below.  At this point, I'm lost.
If the technique I'm using is considered bad practice, I'm open to
suggestions.  My code would normally print out a table, but for the sake of
trouble shooting, I reduced it to this which should print a single column of

Anyone have any ideas?

the mysqld.log records the query.

010206 22:59:55     310 Connect    [EMAIL PROTECTED] on
                    310 Init DB    topten
                    310 Query      select car_no, drv_name from cars order
by car_no + 0
                    310 Quit

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