thanx andy--

i put this code on my page and now my whole page is blank.  any clues?

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On Wednesday, February 7, 2001, at 04:00 PM, Stinsman, Scott wrote:

> $db=mysql_connect("localhost", "*******", "********"); 
> mysql_select_db("quickcit", $db) OR DIE ("died at connect"); 
> $query = "SELECT DISTINCT Restaurant.Cuisine "; 

notice the addition of the DISTINCT keyword. this will keep this code
useable when you get more than one type of restaurant for each cuisine type

> $query .= "FROM Restaurant "; 
> $query .= "ORDER BY Restaurant.Cuisine ASC "; 

if($result=mysql_query($query, $db) OR DIE ("died at query")) {

        $select="<select name=\"cuisine\">\n";

        while(list($cuisine)=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {      

                $select.="<option value=\"$cuisine\">$cuisine</option>\n";




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