HI! I am Japanese in Tokyo. How about you? I still have a question. initial condition 1) three are many *html in my SQL ex:xxx.html,and yyy.html 2)I have domain ex: abc (ex: http://www.abc.com) 3)database name : aaa 4)table name :bbb I want to try next step. when I type in URL from brouze ,ex http://www.abc.com/xxx.html . I can get xxx.html from my SQL. when I type in URL from brouze ,ex http://www.abc.com/yyy.html I can get yyy.html from my SQL. How can I do this? Is it posible to create it? Please answer for me. Thank you yui -- PHP Database Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To contact the list administrators, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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