I successfully install with installation version and copy additional
extensions into directory /extensions. Then modify .reg file and
2-click. I use isapi version.
After restart all works. How? it is another question ... I didn't have
time to test complitely, but something goes wrong on App, that runs
under workst 4.0 (IIS 4.0) and linux (Apache) -> (the same configuration).


Thursday, February 08, 2001, 11:51:37 AM, you wrote:

u> How do I get php to work on apache under win98?
u> I've tried a lot of manuals but i constantly get the error:

u> Premature end of script headers: e:/php4/php.exe

u> What did I do wrong?

u> thanks,

u> ufo

Andris Jancevskis
Systems Analyst,
Tieto Konts Financial Systems Ltd
Kr.Barona 32, Riga, LV1011, Latvia
tel: +371 7286660, fax: +371 7243000

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