At 11:06 AM 2/8/01 -0000, Kato Strandjord wrote:
>Author: Kato Strandjord (
>Date:   06/02/2001 15:41
>I use apache server on win2000, php4, mysql and wml which I test local on my
>The code under is working fine when I test it on emulators like UP SDK from
> or other, but i have fooled it to use static variables which is
>not the solution i want.
>My problem is. How can I use my variable:
>print "<select name=\"fagkode\">";
>in this code under so that I can use its value in my php function:
>I can see the WML variable if i print it out in WML, but i can not print it
>out as a variable in PHP. I have fooled the php function and put a static
>variable in it, instead of the dynamic WML variable, which is generated from
>a select list. I have tried for a week but al kinds of tricks did not work.
>At one time i got the value from WML to PHP, but it came out like this
>"=so480". The sign = was impossible to remove, so i could not use it. The
>correct value is "so480" with out the "="

once its in php, you can't just substr the part you want?

FWIW, I usually ended up calling seperate wml scripts (not cards) and passing
variables via get...

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Andrew Apold

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