Dear all,

I have a  question for you.

Given the following configuration:

- One NT machine with Apache 3.14 and php4 (from installed
   (the one that should act like client)
- One Sco_SV system Release 3.2v5.0.5 with INFORMIX-SE Version 5.10.UD1
   (the server)

Are my SCO-UNIX Release and INFORMIX-SE Version  suitable for use
with PHP4 ?

I would like to create php4 scripts that connect from the NT machine
to the Informix Server, execute query, etc to diplay formatted data
throught Apache.

PHP has been configured to use the php_ifx.dll but when I execute
a simple script with only phpinfo() to see php configuration I receive
the following message:

"can't find the dinamyc library isqlt09a.dll in the specified path...."

and as a consegunce

"cant load php_ifx.dll..."

the fact is that there isn't the file isqlt09a.dll on the NT system.

what file is it ?

What are the pieces I need to complete the puzzle and where can I get
them ?

a great thanks in advance to everyone that can give me an help.


Luigi Casiraghi

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