>Hi Guys,
>I understand that as of version 3.24, MySQL will support subselects. But
>untill then (because 3.23 is the latest stable release) I need to convert
>this SQL satement into something that can be used with v3.2? - the version
>just before the latest release.
>$search = "SELECT count(search_table.word) as score,
>  FROM search_table,page_data
>  WHERE page_data.pID = search_table.qid AND search_table.word
>  IN($querywords)
>  GROUP BY search_table.qid
>  ORDER BY score DESC";
>Does anybody have any ideas, thanks for this guys. Any help is much
>Scott Mebberson

Sir, I can't offer suggestions without knowing what the subquery is.

Bob Hall

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