There was a post a few days ago here that indicated that PHP could only talk to Oracle 
databases if they resided on the same machine as the script because PHP could not deal 
with the TNS resolutions or something to that nature.

I have an Oracle database that I need to connect to on another machine (I'll call it 

The tnsnames.ora has the appropriate entry in it for TNS resolution to an IP connected 
I used Net8 to create the DSN mapping.

When I use,
I get a TNS resolution error (which I was able to FINALLY overcome), and now I get 
"Could not connect to remote host." type error.

I am running WinNT 4.0 w/IIS, PHP4.  

Now the reason I think its PHPs problem is because I can connect to the database using 
ASP and VBScript.
I BELIEVE (not certain), that the client version I am running is  I am 
"assuming" (yikes) that the phpoci.dll is the one I needed, not the phporacle.dll.  I 
have tried both and receive similar errors.  Even using the ODBC component of PHP 
returns similar errors as above.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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