ok, you're right, seems like windows versions are not as compatible as the
unix/linux ones.
anyway, there must be a way.

my ideas are setting up those environment variables (ORACLE_HOME ORACLE_BASE
ORACLE_TAB in the APACHE, and maybe some more (look at the environmental
table or the administrators/installation guide for the Client at

make your tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora clean, that means, only really
necessary entries and only one TNSNAME.
Delete or Rename all copies of TNSNAMES.ORA and SQLNET.ORA.
try to add              (SERVER=DEDICATED)  into to  (CONNECT_DATA = (SID =
ORCL)(SERVER=DEDICATED)) part of name definition.

check the oci-section of PHPINFO() to check to compiletime ORACLE_HOME,
maybe it helps to reinstall or copy the Client to that location. (since
under linux i build it from source and --with-oci=$ORACLE_HOME)

Can you compile the win32 binary from src? I never did this, seems to be
difficult, hu?


>Are you using PHP under windows with Oracle?  PHP and Oracle work
>correctly under Unix.. but the Windows people are having loads of trouble,
>and I've yet to meet anyone who had it working.

>Mark Farver

Matthias Kopolt

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