Hi everyone;

I have only started to program in php over the past month or so.
but I'm some problems with this bit of code below.

error message is:

Fatal error: failed opening required "press.inc" (include_path=") in 
D:\Inetpub\paulberry\main.php on line 201

I'm passing the values of main.php?pageid=1
If I manually place press.inc it works OK..

Does anyone know can you place variables in the require statement ??

    // create connection
    $connection = mysql_connect("localhost","****","****") or 
die("Couldn't make connection.");
    // select database
    $db = mysql_select_db("paulberrydb", $connection) or die("Couldn't 
select database.");
    // create SQL statement
    $sql = "select id, title, includefile from pages where id=$pageid";
    // execute SQL query and get result
    $sql_result = mysql_query($sql,$connection) or die("Couldn't execute 
    // start results formatting
    // format results by row
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql_result)) {
    $title = $row["title"];
    $includefile = $row["includefile"];
    echo "<p class='title'>$title</p>";
    echo "</TD>";
    echo "</TR>";
    echo "<TR>";
    echo "<TD height=75 align='left' valign='top'>";
    echo "<P>";

Problem area



I also tried this..

$includef = "'$includefile";
$includef .=".inc'";

    echo "</TD>";
    echo "</TR></TBODY></TABLE>";
    // free resources and close connection

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