I'm having problems using SQL date functions with ODBC (unix).
I've browsed endless mailing lists and manuals but things that
seem to work for other people doesn't work on my setup.
I can get my IF statement in php working, but really need to have
the validation in the select statement.  Other date functions like
WEEKDAY() doesn't work either.

My statements are something like

select * from menuyr where meal_dte = DATE("02/15/2001")


select * from menuyr where WEEKDAY(meal_dte) = 2

They both give the same error:

Warning: SQL error: [unixODBC][OpenLink][ODBC][Driver]Option
Value Changed, SQL state
[Ã÷Ø in SQLExecDirect in /www/data/isdmeals/ru_diet.php on
line 73

Line 73 would be the odbc_exec() statement.

Am I doing something totally stupid or is their some kind of library
to be included for these functions to work?

Oh, and another thing is if I run the exact same select statement
on the database directly - it works!

Hope someone can help...

Lynnette Klackers

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