I'm working with Oracle 8.05 and php4.04xx.
I'm selecting some datas in order to show them in a browser
(Netscape 4.03Fr or IE5.0).

I found out that my code works well with all datatypes but
Varchar2, date or numbers are retrieved and rendered in an
array without any problems.
With a char column, I can't see any values with Netscape and
with IE, I have less than half
of the string or nothing.

Example : select char_column, other_column from my_table; //
the query, char_column as a char(5) not null

The output with OCIFetchStatement or OCIFetchInto or else is
made with something like <TD>$data[$i]</TD>.
The char column is filled with a blank space on the first
On the second row, the char column is filled with a blank
space between half of the initial string.
and so on...
Example : for "Hello" in the table, I get " H e l".(with IE,
with Netscape I get nothing at all).

So, any ideas ?

Emmanuel Nectoux

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