Hi all,

We are a travel agent and tour operator based in the Maldives  and we have over 90 
tourist resort islands serving over 400,000
tourists annually.
We have plans to  build an web based inventory for these resorts in association with 
Maldives Tourism Promotion Board. The inventory
be used by all resorts to update their availability and will be used by the agents 
located all around world to search, and make
reservations. This inventory will become the official GDS, Global Distribution System 
for these resorts and as a second phase we
plan to integrate this
inventory to the agents websites so that their clients can make reservation online.
We prefer a MySQL database with PHP or Perl interfaces ( I find PHP much capable and 

I have listed the main features that we will need on this database.
1. A browser accessible database,
2. Remote administering the inventory, to add and remove resorts ( room types, 
transfer type, meal plans, etc ), Tour operators and
3. Password accessible for administrators, resorts as well as agents.
4. Resorts updates thier inventory from time to time for a period of 1 year from the 
current date and view, edit thier master
inventory. Publish their terms of reservation and payment.
5. Resorts be able to create and edit special offers.
6. Agents  be able to search for an available resorts for a specific period.
7. Agents be able to block rooms for a limited period ( 24 hours).
8. Agents be able to make reservations them for a period of 1 year from the current 
9. Resorts acknowledges reservation made by the agents.
10. Email notification to the administrator, resort and agent of booking confirmation 
with confirmation numbers and details.
11. Administrator, resort and agent be able to generate reports of reservations, 
cancellation, etc.

Initially when we go live the inventory there will be over 40 resorts and over 200 
agents using the inventory.

If any one of you or your companies are interested please, contact us.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Hasan Niyaz
Manager Sales and Marketing.
Direct: 960 773995
Impex Holidays Maldives
Affiliated with Impex Delaware, Inc / USA
Phone : (960) 310355
Fax : (960) 310697
Fax and Voice mail: 1(212)658-9044 in NY / USA
Members of ASTA, PATA and CyberCash - Integrity in Travel World-wide.
- NOW we accept payments with Master and Visa cards "Online" and by "Fax" -

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