> Can anybody help me about my serious problem to connect to MS SQL 7.0. I
> tried to use the freetds-driver but i'm not able to connect with it. They
> said that I must define the Serverconnection in the interfaces-file. I
> one in the freetds-directory but i don't know how to write it correct.
> got a Linux-webserver and MS SQL runs on a WinNT4.0-Server.

There should be a file called 'interfaces' in whatever directory you
installed FreeTDS (our is in /usr/local/freetds).  That file lists all the
Sybase/MSSQL servers you can connect to.  Ours looks like this:

        query tcp tds4.2 128.233.x.y 1433
        query tcp tds7.0 128.233.x.y 1433

(substitute 128.233.x.y for the real IP numbers of your server).

For a 'standard' install of MSSQL server the port number is 1433.  Took me a
while to find that.  If you're using FreeTDS, the third parameter of the
interfaces file can be the version of TDS protocol to use when talking to
that server.

Also, make sure you have the SYBASE environment variable set to the
directory where FreeTDS is installed.

I'd recommend trying sqsh (SQL command line shell for Sybase servers --
works with MSSQL as well) to test the connection.  It assumes a full Sybase
install, so the Makefile took a little tweaking in order to get it to
compile, but once installed it will help you debug the connection problem,
test your queries etc.
Not sure of a download site, but if you search Google you're bound to find

Hope that helps.

- Darryl

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  Department of Computing Services,
  University of Saskatchewan
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