>    please create the shortest possible testcase that
>    demonstrates your problem and send it to the list.

you need a PL/SQL stored procedure


CREATE PROCEDURE "SCHEMANAME"."P_TEST" (p_error out     number) IS
  p_error := 0;
END p_test;

than run a php script connecting to db and quering

$stmt = ociparse($dbh,"BEGIN P_TEST(:1);END;" );
OCIBindByName   ($stmt,":1",&$error, 4);
ociexecute      ($stmt);

if ($error == 0) { echo "equal"; }
                else { echo "not equal"; }

after pressing about 20 times the reload button you will notice that both
branches of the if are reached
"$error" == "0" will deliver the right decision.

(I already tried to initialize $error before binding, but it had no


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