I am working for a company is experiencing severe growing pains. We are 
currently using FileMaker as the db to service the accounting and sales 
departments and using MySQL for the web back-end. As we have ecommerce 
capabilities, we are saddled with exchanging data collected on and served 
to the web site (in online sales, user data, product information,etc.) with 
the other depts. As this is already untenable and cannot scale any further, 
we are looking to use one integrated database system to hold all the data 
we need.

As we also need to completely redesign the db to scale to the current and 
soon-to-be size of the company, we are certain there must be a product or 
service out there that has somewhat ready-made designs or templates for a 
mid-size company like ours with the ability to service sales, marketing, 
web, accounting, etc., hopefully with some extensibility so that we can 
direct it as it and the company grows.

The reason I ask this here is that our Web site has been built almost 
completely in PHP and we are very happy with it. Therefore we prefer to 
find a product that can work with it otherwise we would need to rebuild the 
entire site. I know Oracle is one popular solution but considering the 
price of licensing, running and administering Oracle, we really dread 
having to go that route. Ditto for using SQLServer, SiteServer, ASP and a 
Microsoft solution.

Are there products or environments that PHP can work with other than MySQL 
that have the above capabilities or are we pretty much stuck with looking 
into Oracle and/or MS? We are not looking for OpenSource solutions 
necessarily, just something that is not as closed end and expensive as 
these two. Maybe we are a bit naive....

Feel free to respond off-line, if you prefer.


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