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> I've searched the manual and read many examples, but I have to ask here for
> the best way to program for a number of possibilities. I've got my site
> working the hard way, but I'll bet there's a smarter way of doing the
> following:
> Visitors to my site can search my database by lastname and/or firstname
> and/or company. Is there a succinct way to checking for all possible
> combinations? I alreay have NONE SELECTED covered, but the rest of the
> possibilities are spotty. Too many IF statements, youknowwhaddimeanverne?
> SO... the user might just enter the last name, or just the first name, or
> just the first and last, or just the company or just the last name and the
> company.. and, oh well, you get the idea. Am I stuck with an awful lot of IF
> statements or is there a smarter way of handling this? The site is
> CameraCrews.com. Select "-by Name" to see the input page.

The smart way: building the query string on the fly. Something like:

$query="SELECT first,last,company FROM crews WHERE valid=1 ";

if ($q_firstname){
        $query.="AND firstname like %$q_firstname% ";
if ($q_lastname){
        $query.="AND lastname like %$q_lastname% ";
if ($q_company){
        $query.="AND company like %$q_company% ";
$query.="ORDER BY entrydate";

Your query is a string too, use that fact :)


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