Good day (or whatever),

I have looked for this problem in every german
archive and in the german mailinglist, but noone
knew an answer.

following problem:

I want to use a dbm-database, I can open it, I
can insert something and I can close it without
problems, but if i try to replace or delete a
key, I only get an error-alert.


$dbh = dbmopen( "./data/produkte", "c" )
 or die( "Couldn't open DBM-database!" );
// This is running!

dbminsert( $dbh, "Sonic Screwdriver", "23.20" )
 or die("Insert not possible!");
// This is running, too!

dbmreplace( $dbh, "Sonic Screwdriver", "25.20" )
 or die("Replace not possible!");
// Here I get the error-alert!

dbmdelete( $dbh, "Sonic Screwdriver" )
 or die("Delete not possible!");
// Here I get the error-alert, too!

dbmclose( $dbh );

(sorry for my english and thank you for reading
this mail)

Have a good night or day or whatever

Uli Lehner

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