Hello all.  I'm new to PHP, but web dev. is my forte...

In PHP how does one:

do a CGI re-direction?

For example.  I have a user authentication script that
checks against user name and password.  Such a setup
is in a classic format:  login page submits to query
page that checks agains member DB.  I then want to 
load in a "web landing page" if the login is good, 
otherwise load in a "error logging in" page if the
login is bad.  The ideal way to do this is to "re-direct"
the web server to either the landing page or error
page - meaning the desired page is what the browser sees.

On the other hand, my above thinking might be 
good in other languages but not for PHP???
Should I be thinking to include different files based
on login success, instead of redirecting?  

Please help!


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