> > I have PHP installed as an Apache module and I can't have it as
> CGI.. now
> > I'm looking into ways to run PHP scripts off the cron, and I saw
> Rebuilt php again and don't specify the apache configuration option. This
> will build php as a CGI program which you can then use in cron.
> Does anyone else do this? I'd love it if the default php build still built
> the CGI when building the apache plugin.

thanks for the reply Dave,
my point is that I do not have access to certain root stuff on Apache (it's
a virtual server) so I am forced to only use PHP as a module, which to be
honest I prefer to do since as far as I'm aware that makes it faster and
it's only for some cron job stuff where the CGI option becomes more useful
(to me at least).

So I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of using fetch to parse PHP
scripts off the cron. An example (from PHPAds) is below..
  59 23 * * * fetch -o -

I'm wondering if there are any pros/cons to this approach, and whether there
are any better ways of running PHP off the cron bar resorting to CGI.

best wishes,

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