I've been using PHP for 'bout a month
and my programming abilities are pretty limited.

I'm using a script (further below) to retrieve
results from a MySQL database. It's intended to retrieve
potentially 6 fields of information.

Some of these fields in the record, though, may be NULL, but then I get
the word "NULL" on my web page

If a field is NULL, how do I change this script, so that only 
those non-NULL fields are displayed?

I've been reading up on arrays, but I can't figure out if my answer
lies there, or in some section 'bout variable re-assignment.  My hunch
is I've got to create a print buffer of some sort, but I can't figure
how to do that either.

In my database, p.nameE, u.urlE *are* required whereas 
p.daterange, a.accessE, p.descriptionE, p.subjectE, are not required and
may have
NULL values in my database.

Direct solutions would be appreciated or even if you could suggest a
name/terminology for
this problem, because I've been unable to turn anything up in the
archives/printed literature.

Thanks for your time.



<title>Search Results</title>
<link REL="stylesheet" HREF="styles/bibnetstyle.css">
include ("styles/bibnethd-e.html")
<table width="90%" border="0">
<tr><td width="20%" valign="top"><?php 
include ("styles/bibnetnav-e.html")
?></td><td width="80%" valign="top">
<table width="100%" border="0">

$select = mysql_select_db ("bases"); 

$query = "select p.nameE, p.daterange, a.accessE, p.descriptionE,
p.subjectE, u.urlE from principle p, accesstype a, accessdetails ad, url
u, urldetails ud where p.baseID='$baseID' and p.baseID = ad.baseID and
ad.accessID = a.accessID and p.baseID = ud.baseID and ud.urlID =

$result = mysql_query ("$query"); 

while ($base = mysql_fetch_array ($result))

print ("<tr><td bgcolor=\"#9C0000\"><font size=\"5\"
color=\"#000000\"><b>Date Range:</b>&nbsp;$base[1]</font><br><font
color=\"#000000\"><b>Access Type:</b></font>&nbsp;<font
color=\"#ff0000\"><b>$base[2]</b></font><p><font color=\"#000000\"><a
href=\"$base[5]\">Connect to $base[0]</a></font><p>
<a href=\"instructions-e.php?access=$base[2]\">Instructions to connect
to this database from off campus.</a><p><font
color=\"#000000\"><b>Description of
$base[0]:</b>&nbsp;$base[3]</font><font color=\"#000000\"><p><b>Subjects
covered in $base[0]:</b>&nbsp;$base[4]</font></td></tr>\n"); 
<tr><td colspan="2" valign="top">
include ("styles/bibnetft-e.html")
<tr><td colspan="2" valign="top"><?php 
include ("dinclude.php")

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