This will take one minute and is worth it!

You don't get nothing for nothing. Or so they say. But sources say that this
one is the real McCoy so we're trying to wangle some free fly buys to do the
world tour: oz-fiji-hawaii-tahiti

The site below (owned by Air France and Qantas) now launches on 5th March.
To launch the site they are offering the chance to join free of charge if
you sign up before the 5th March (after that it will cost $200).  It
works on a pyramid selling basis ie everyone that signs up after you and
quotes your
e-mail address earns air miles for you.

The web site is

Once you've logged on just click on
the right hand side where it says FREE MEMBERSHIP and follow the
instructions.  Then send it on to all your mates and when they sign up, you
get the air miles.

You need to enter my e-mail address to join


Apparently a friend of a friend of a friend received enough air miles in one
day for a free trip around the world for six !

I have already earned over 33 thousand miles in a week.

It now ads credibility and is even more exciting since  Fitness Age Inc
(owners of have bought this site late last week.

sounds sweet as
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