Timothy Wright wrote:

>... so echo date("Y-n-j") would give me the output in the right format, but
>I need to convert the input to a valid timestamp first.

You can use parse out the year, month and day and then use the mktime function - the 
I use are dd/mm/yy format:

/*Make an array of the string TransDate  using the / character as the seperator*/
$Date_array = explode("/", $TransDate);

/*If the year is before 60 then assume we are in 2000 - look out in 2061 ! */
 If ((int)$Date_array[2] <60) {
      $Date_array[2] = "20". $Date_array[2];
 } elseif ((int)$Date_array[2] >59 AND (int)$Date_array[2] <100) {
      $Date_array[2] = "19". $Date_array[2];

/*Make a unix time stamp out of the array elements */
 $TransDate = mktime(0,0,0,$Date_array[1],$Date_array[0],$Date_array[2]);


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