This isn't an issue with RedHat Linux 7.0 but I'm getting a series of errors
from Windows 98.  First, I'm getting an undefined variable error on the
following statement.  (The database I'm using is MySQL.)

if (!$id) {

I've resolved a similar error by using isset() for if ($id) but when I do
the same for if (!$id) I get a parse error.

Second error.  I'm getting an undefined variable error when I have a blank
form to make an insert.  If I pull up a record to update in the form, there
is no error, only when I pull up a blank one.  Linux seems to have place
holders in the forms and I don't get the error.  Here is a part of the code
referred to in the error.

if (isset($id)) {

$sql="SELECT * FROM tblpeople WHERE id=$id";


$id = $myrow["id"];
$parent_id = $myrow["parent_id"];
$spouse_id = $myrow["spouse_id"];


If I haven't made any sense, please let me know how I can clarify.

John Halladay

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