On Friday 23 February 2001 17:03, you wrote:
> I suppose the authors never concieved a replacement parameter for select
> specification.
> try:
> > $sql =3D "select foo, bar, rid from masterdata WHERE rid=3D:rid"
> You need to loose the colon ":" or place it to the right of a where cla
> use.

Sorry to bother this list again, but I don't get the point... :-(

I need the rowid for later updates by a user form. So how can I issue a
select clause with 'WHERE rid=3D:rid'? Don't I need this for the *update*

This is what I thought of:
1.) select foo, bar, rid from masterdata
2.) let user select data set to update with 'update.php?rowid=ROWID'
3.) write changes to database: update foo, bar values (FOO, BAR) where

And what's about that colon? Is there any special meaning in PHP?

I'd highly appreciate your help/answer! Many thanks in advance
Sven Voigt, Mainz, Germany                                 http://www.ps90.de

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