Chris Murtland wrote:

 >   I am trying to update an Oracle 8i CLOB field. I have looked at
 >  previous  messages on the list and am trying the following:         
 > $sql="update murtland.articles set 
 >   text,sections='$sections',mod_date=TO_DATE('$mod_date','yyyy-mm-dd
 >   hh24:mi:ss'),mod_userid=$userid where articleid=$articleid";       
 > //echo $sql;         $stmt=OCIParse($conn,$sql);     $bodytext =
 > OCINewDescriptor($conn, OCI_D_LOB);          
 > OCIBindByName($stmt,":bodytext",&$bodytext,-1,OCI_B_CLOB);   
 > OCIExecute($stmt, OCI_DEFAULT);      $bodytext->save($body); 
 >      $bodytext->free();      OCIFreeStatement($stmt);        
 > OCILogoff($conn);
Try the following SQL:
"update ... , body = empty_clob(), ... returning body into :bodytext"

 > Also, does anyone have any example code for searching Oracle 8i CLOB
 >  fields?  Do I  have to create a stored procedure to be able to do
 > this?    I want to be able to search a separate varchar column in
 > addition to  searching the CLOB column.
  Try interMedia Text for searching B|CLOB columns. While stored 
procedures could be used, they will be painfully slow.


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mediaworx berlin  AG

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