At 09:50 PM 2/28/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Is there a way to do this in MySQL?  Or do I have to just query 
>everything, and then have the skipping logic be in PHP?  I'd love to 
>encapsulate this in a query.  Would it involve subqueries (something I 
>know that MySQL doesn't directly support)?

The part that seems to be missing here is that you are note limiting the 
relationships between table A and table B, you are just slapping them 
together.  There should probably be a field that you use to lock rows 
together between the tables:

select, from A left outer join B ON where

If you have known relationship between the tables shared between the 
queries then selecting "!=1" should actually work.

Hard to get real specific though without seeing a "real" query and table 


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