I am getting this error, but I don't know what the reason is for this
error. can somebody help me out?

Warning: InterBase: Unable to complete network request to host
"localhost". Failed to establish a connection. Connection refused in
/home/httpd/html/test/php-test/ibconnect.php on line 12
Can't connect to CV.gdb with SYSDBA user.

Ibconnect.php look likes this:

      <title>InterBase ISQL</title>
      <BODY bgcolor="#ffffff" text="black"><font
face="arial,verdana,helvetica" size=3>
      <b>InterBase Connect</b></font>
      $ibfullname="localhost:" . $ibdir . $ibname;
      if (!$conn) {
         echo "Can't connect to $ibname with $login user.";
      } else {
         echo "$ibname connected by $login user.";

      <FORM ACTION="ibquery.php" METHOD="POST">
      <table border=0 cellpadding=15 cellspacing=0 bgcolor="#6699cc">
      <td><font face='arial, helvetica' size=2>Enter your
      <TEXTAREA NAME="query" ROWS="8" COLS="50"></textarea></td>
      <INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Send"> <INPUT VALUE="Clear" TYPE=reset>
      <INPUT TYPE='HIDDEN' NAME='login'    <? echo "VALUE='$login'>"; ?>
      <INPUT TYPE='HIDDEN' NAME='password' <? echo "VALUE='$password'>";
?> >
      <INPUT TYPE='HIDDEN' NAME='ibname'   <? echo "VALUE='$ibname'>";
?> >

Thnx for the help.


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