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> or eBay? Well, I missed it too. Now we all have the
> great opportunity not only to relive it but also to
> help usher the real Information Highway and be
> rewarded for our vision and courage!
> Our company, Internet Architecture, Inc. will offer
> free web contents: true beginning applications of the
> Information Highway utilizing the much wider bandwidth
> of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable modems,
> supported by the latest satellite technology.
> These will be cutting edge technologies in virtual
> reality and spatial navigation applications: (1) "What
> if ..." situations for business and other decision
> making applications. This will be done in conjunction
> with the state of the art in artificial intelligence
> and virtual reality; (2) Spatial Navigation of
> roadways/topography/weather several miles ahead of
> your trip. This will be done with the help of
> Geopositioning and Weather Satellites; (3) floor plans
> and other design utilities.
> We have just successfully presented for the first time
> to a group of investors in Florida and will continue
> our pilgrimage as explained below to solicit financing
> for cutting edge technologies in virtual reality and
> spatial navigation applications.. Watch for the
> announcement in our web site for a presentation close
> to you. This will give you a unique opportunity to
> network and prospect as well.
> We are now presenting in the Washington, D.C./Virginia
> areas in February and March, 2001. We can be reached
> at 703-204-9698 and 321-287-7280.
> Attached is my recent offer of the same Multimedia
> presentation to individuals in key cities along my
> way. If you or anybody you know in your area may be
> interested, please respond. Or feel free to transmit
> this e-mail to anybody who may be interested.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------------------------------------------
> To: .
> Cc: .
> Subject: Now that my associate, the brilliant Mr. Fred
> Servillon, and I have given a fairly successful
> inaugural presentation of our company,
> to a group of investors in Tampa, I have decided to
> begin my expedition. First to the Washington, D.C. and
> Virginia areas per invitation of Amos and Ate Emelina
> Camp (Ate Emelina, my first cousin, is the eldest
> among the Ragaza clan), to the New York/New Jersey
> areas, to Chicago, to Fort Madison, Iowa, per
> invitation of my second cousin Johnny and his lovely
> wife, Dr. Cristina Rabo, and finally to the
> Sunnyvale/Palo Alto/Santa Clara areas.
> I will be leaving Florida on Saturday, January 27,
> 2001.
> Can you possibly arrange to have another such
> presentation in your area. It will be a multimedia
> presentation using MS PowerPoint superimposed against
> the already money-making web site
>      http://www.internetarchitecture.com/
> It will be not only educational (history of the
> internet, our competition Yahoo*, a new organizational
> concept that is similar to the internet, a bird's eye
> view of project development - systems planning,
> systems analysis, ..., etc.) but also creatively
> enjoyable. In Tampa we had so much fun (and
> boisterous, belly-aching laughter at times**)
> investigating various ... what if ... situations and
> the audience was actually actively participating in
> the solution and spontaneous humor!
> *  This is a compelling story about the little train
> that could ... or David and GOLIATH ... check our
> business plan for introducing the following unproven
> free contents: virtual reality and spatial navigation,
> the real beginnings of the information highway.
> ** For example, one of the attendees loved the
> pulsating heart in the logo at the top of the
> menu/index on the left. When we visited the Playboy
> store, one of the occupants in our virtual mall,
> another attendee (a well known community leader here)
> noticed that suddenly the heart stopped beating! GOD
> really appears in mysterious ways?!
> Just below is the formal invitation we sent to the
> attendees of our inaugural presentation in Tampa.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> I am wholeheartedly inviting each one of you to an
> introductory presentation of Internet Architecture,
> Inc. It will be held at 10 A.M., on Saturday, January
> 13, 2001, at Esther Gianan's house. In consonant with
> the high technology nature of our business, we will
> arrange to have a multimedia showing using MS
> PowerPoint and the Internet.
> This will be an exciting, let alone educational,
> affair for the people of a great city who gave me all
> the opportunities to be, therefore I am:
>      1. Beyond Yahoo! The true beginning of the
> Information Highway
>      2. Content providers are where the big money will
> be made
>      3. Internet Growth
>      4. The demise of Yahoo
>      5. The demise of eBay
>      7. For the calendar year 2000
>      8. For the calendar year 2001
>      9. Local Area Network that will house the
> company's domain and enterprise system
>     10. Financial Projection
>     11. PLAN for such BOLD MISSION:
>              Build Satellite Local Branches, a new
>                   organizational concept patterned
>                   after the Internet
>              Create Strategic Alliances
> Esther's home is at (click the following Yahoo map):
> Attached you will find my reply to an inquiry by a
> representative of Legg Mason, a nationwide brokerage
> firm. This should give you enough background for the
> presentation.
> Happy New Year! Thank you and I hope to see all of you
> next weekend.
> Jess
> (Ragaza)
> PS (1) Since this is a catered occasion, RSVP via
> e-mail or call me at my cell phone: 321-287-7280.
> Alternatively, you may call Esther at 813-837-9660;
>       (2) Please refer us to people or companies that
> are in the cutting edge technologies of Virtual
> Reality and Spatial Navigation.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> --- Jess Ragaza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 11:09:03 -0800 (PST)
> From: Jess Ragaza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Your call is very timely! Thank you for the
> possibility of an investment by a trust client of
> your company.
> To: Becky Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Per your request, attached you will find the latest
> e-mail I sent yesterday to some outstanding
> individuals who I personally feel, based on their
> proven success in their fields of endeavor, are best
> qualified to help and eventually reap the reward
> with your potential investors and us.
> Thank you again, and I give you my solemn promise to
> make this a successful undertaking.
> Jess Ragaza, President
> Internet Architecture, Inc.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: Internet Architecture, Inc. has started to
> have small revenue ...
> through its portal with virtual offices and mall
>      http://www.internetarchitecture.com/
> and has accomplished its 2000 objective in advance.
> Click "Business Plan" at
> http://www.internetarchitecture.com/companyinfo.html
> We are embarking a new year, however, with greater
> challenge toward our desire to have a very
> profitable company and an initial public offering
> (IPO) in 3-4 years. To accomplish this, the highest
> priority in our agenda is to create an embryonic,
> but creative and powerful organization.
> First, we need a strong and knowledgeable Board of
> Directors (BOD). These directors will cut across the
> full spectrum of business functions, from accounting
> and finance, to high technology, to law, to marketing,
> to human resources. The BOD will provide the
> leadership to accomplish the company's mission
> and business plan.
> I have known each one of you and your outstanding
> contribution to business and your community. You
> will be invaluable to our organization. I therefore
> offer you a membership in the board. Please either
> call (tel. 407-628-1594; cell. 321-287-7280) or e-mail
> me.
> Next, we need to attract venture capital and be
> right at the main vein of high technology. It is for
> these reasons, as most of you already know, that I
> will be making an expedition move to the Silicon
> Valley (Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Palo Alto areas).
> Concurrent with this move to California, we will start
> a massive marketing to the level of at least a
> million visitors to our web site per month. This will
> impose the heaviest expenditure on the company because
> it will entail not only online, but also the
> traditional media - newspaper, magazine, radio and
> television.
> We hope you share our vision and be rewarded
> accordingly for your courage. I personally look
> forward to your support. And have a very Merry
> Christmas and a Happy New Year.
> Jess Ragaza, President
> Internet Architecture, Inc.
> PS You may check yours truly's short curriculum
> vitae by visiting my company's web site,
>      http://www.internetarchitecture.com
> clicking "Company Information" in the index frame on
> the left, then clicking in the content frame "Jess
> Ragaza" which may be blinking, if you are using
> Netscape Navigator, or simply bold, if you are using
> Internet Explorer.
> =====
> Jess Ragaza, President
> http://www.internetarchitecture.com/
> With shopping and entertainment . an experience in great deals, ease and
> Disney, amazon.com, eBay, AOL, CarsDirect, Sony, Franklin Mint, Playboy
and others
> With your satisfaction . designed by us personally into every web page
> Watch for the next Initial Public Offering that will reap rewards beyond
your imagination!
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED]; cellphone: 321-287-7280/HTML
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