first, it returns all the results at once ... to do otherwise, you'd have
to use CURSORS, which I don't believe PHP supports at this time ...

but, am curious as to why the multiple loops requirement?

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, dime wrote:

> I have been wondering this for a while and finally have the chance to ask.  What I'm 
>trying to do is select a bunch of names from one table in a postgresql database. The 
>way I'd like to display them is alphabetically and indexed by the first letter.  So 
>they look similar to this:
> A
> Alexandria, Mark
> Angel, Chris
> B
> Boy, John
> C
> ....
> I know a couple ways to do it, but every way involves multiple queries.  What I'm 
>wondering is when I issue a select statement to the database via pg_exec(), is the 
>result loaded into memory then, or when each successive pg_fetch_array() is called?  
>I mean, it seems like if each pg_fetch_array were making a call to the database, that 
>would be an unnecassary overhead on a list that has a lot of names.  But however, if 
>the entire result set is in the webserver's memory, then I don't really have a 
>problem with doing multiple loops through the data.  Hopefully I've described my 
>problem adequately.  If any one can help, or has a better idea, please let me know.
> Thank You.
> dime

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