This semester I am enrolled in a database management class using Oracle. A
couple of the projects we have to do ( coming in a few weeks ) is embedded
SQL. I have convinced my instructor to let me use PHP for these projects.
The problem is that our school server does not have PHP installed and won't
do it just for me. I told the instructor that I could use my work's web
server but, as it turns out, our webserver does not have php compiled with
Oracle support and they refuse to do it since we don't use oracle in our
operations. I then decided to set up PWS on my workstation with php. It took
me a while but I finally got php running w/ Oracle connectivity on my own
machine. It connects to the school Oracle server but runs the php from my
computer. Then another problem came up. We moved our offices and with our
new location we no longer have our own IP addresses. We are all behind a
firewall and I can't run PWS.

So now I am on the web asking for help. If anyone out there has a server
running on the web with PHP installed and compiled with the OCI8 library, I
would greatly appreciate it if you would allocate me a small amount of
webspace for me to complete this class. I wouldn't take up much harddrive
space at all, and it would only be for a couple months. The only processing
power and bandwidth it would use would be when I tell my instructor the
project is ready to grade and he connects and looks at it. I already have my
tnsnames.ora file configured to connect to my school's oracle server.

Drop me an email if you would be willing to help. Thanks.

Doug Schasteen

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