I just installed  a Sybase_CT module in php 4.0 on a linux machine. I'm
trying to move a web site from a buggy and crashy NT box but I'm having
trouble with the mssql_result call.

This is what I get.

Warning: 2 is not a valid Sybase result resource in
/var/www/html/crap.php on line 54

Line 54 reads:

$ssn = mssql_result($result,$a,0);

I also get this error on all the mssql_result on the for loop.

I made it work changing it with mssql_fetch_* calls but I want to move a
big site to the Linux box and it would be a momumetal task rewriting the
whole code.

Can you please help?



PS The same problem occurs with MS SQL 7.0 and MS SQL 2000

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